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Release to recharge

• WDKA project Alfa Romeo 2023 • 


There is an opportunity for brands to take the lead on emotional literacy, empowering people to embrace the full spectrum of their feelings, and to give them encouragement and safe spaces to tackle these tricky but ultimately enriching conversations. Come up with a (new) proposition for Alfa Romeo and create a campaign based on this insight 


Alfa Romeo uses the word emotions a lot presenting themselves as a brand of passion, but they never show real emotions. Instead they show ‘picture perfect’ images which feel un relatable to a lot of people because humans are not that simple if it comes to emotions. 

Schermafbeelding 2023-11-24 om 13.13.15.png
Alfa Romeo logo clear.png


For most people, a car is more than a vehicle, it’s a way to express the emotions that we suppress or don’t always share with others; your full spectrum emotions. 


A car needs to be a symbol for letting your undesired emotions out instead of showing off perfect images that are not relatable. This is why Alfa Romeo is showing the car as your place to shout it all out. No limits or rules! There happens a lot in cars and that is okey. We show real people, real shouts, real cars. 

Phone mock Alfa.png


This concept was translated to social reels. In this way, we don't only show the Alfa Romeo as a car to express your full spectrum emotions, but we also surprise you with this unexpected, unfiltered emotions (screams) in a place where you don't expect this.  


To give customers the full 'Release to Recharge' experience we place an installation in Alfa Romeo Dealerships. When you have a good, bad or confusing day, you can take a seat in an Alfa Romeo, choose your own surroundings and music and release all your emotions. There is a camera montaged to the car to capture and share your release. 

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