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Secret savers

savers secrets

• WDKA project 2023 •

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More than 750 thousand Dutch households are struggling to pay their monthly energy bills (TNO), while energy companies like Eneco, Essent, Greenchoice and Vattenfall are making record profits. To avoid further jeopardising the livelihood of this group, they must take responsibility and come up with truly meaningful actions to prevent the population from rebelling.


Come up with a simple but credible plan for an energy company to actually prevent energy poverty and create an eye-catching way to advertise it.

You are in energy poverty if you spend more than 10% off your income on energy every month. This means it could be me. Not all people in energy poverty recognize themselves in the stereotypes of families with sad children covered in blankets and therefore they don’t feel addressed by energy poverty support. 


There is one thing these people do have in common, they are extremely conscious about their energy use. They are inventing a lot of creative, rebellious hacks to lower their energy costs. This leads to unusual situations, but could also lead to future solutions.

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Instead of raising bills until people in energy poverty become rebels against them, 

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Vattenval supports customers to share their savers secrets; the hacks to lower your energy use and the bills that follow. These small rebellious acts people use prevent paying the supplier will now be the way to pay their complete bill. 


A month long Vattenval will activate people to share these secrets with other customers through social media. The hacks that actually work will be featured on Vattenval’s own channels and of course, these secret savor's energy bills will be covered by Vattenval. 

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