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Hiii I'm Roos Fekkes, that means:

I've always been passionate about the idea that creativity can change the way people think and act. Therefore, I believe influencing behavior is the most powerful thing creativity can do. For me creativity means finding an alternative to the common structures. Challenging structures and doing the unexpected is something that comes naturally to me. I also like to make Christmas houses and shout in the metro. 


What inspires me most are the patterns I see in daily live. In the way people behave as themselves and as a society. This is one of the reasons I like working in restaurants. You talk with a lot of different people during one day whom you otherwise wouldn’t talk to. 


I use playfulness and imagination to question the world around me and to look for fresh approaches. I grew up in Friesland which I think is the reason why I want stories to be real and honest. I believe in that way they will have the most impact. 


Currently I'm studying Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Next to that, I'm a freelance designer. I don't limit myself to a specific medium or role because I think all of these are overlapping. I find inspiration in the  exploration and combination of different fields. Therefore, I strongly believe that the concept and message decide the medium, regardless of what you are already comfortable with. This is why I have a huge 'craving' for challenge. So, whether it's an installation, campaign, experience or whatever else captures my imagination,  I give it my full 100%.

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