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Re-introducing reality

• WDKA project 2022 • 


If we think about ‘’picture perfect’’ and critiquing this, we often think about social media. Initially, that was my starting point too, but after a while I started to recognize picture perfect imagery in the simple things around me. Especially in one innocent looking thing; Christmas tows people build in their windowsills. 



‘Picture perfect’ is not something merely happening in the social media bubble, it’s everywhere….. 



Using an unusual medium to critique the idealized imagery of the world around us, emphasizing honesty over perfection. 



To understand why people present a perfect world instead of a real one, I just rang the doors of people who owned Christmas houses. Through conversations with them, I realized most of them were confused about the purpose of these houses too. Nobody's Christmas is that perfect, so let’s embrace that. 


I thought about all the not so perfect situations in the Netherlands that could use a highlight at Christmas. Guess what… it wasn’t so hard. 


To reach the Christmas town owners (that I am critiquing), I choose to physically make these houses. I also stayed in contact with the town collectors during the making. I believe it’s valuable to include my audience in the process. 

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