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the band

• WDKA project start a band 2023 •


Start a band. 

Including a group concept, logo, artwork, song , videoclip, merchandise, promotional material and a live show.



We can't sing, but we

have something to say. 



We were irritated with asocial people putting their bikes on the

blind path in front of the academy. Most people don’t mean to

hinder others, they just don’t think about their actions. And to

be honest, this happens to us too. Putting your bag on the

chair next to you in the metro or ….. 


We realized starting a band is the perfect way to become the

voice of these unwritten rules. Somebody needs to bring these

people to senses. We won’t point fingers at anyone, instead we

face you, warn you and guide you by blowing up the ‘small’ problems

to make them stand out; meet ASO.


the manifesto


tas ASO.png

Out of home


the song

And even a live show

Being loud, honest and bold ASO’s, left us with only one option; use our voice live on the stage. No pre recorded play-back show, no special effects,  just some ASO’s with a message.

this all just because of some asocial humans parking their bike exactly in the wrong place(;

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-05-26 om 14.34.23.png
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