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• Personal project 2022 •

*Eentje is the dutch word for just one, but the word eendje which is pronounced the same means little duck. 


A lot of my projects start with a conversation or observation. In this work it's obvious, The brand eentje started at the bar. I was working while a regular came in. I asked him if he would like a beer. His answer was 'just one for the taste'. To which I said 'well well, and one for the thirst’. That's were the idea of eentje started. 



Taking a second look at this idea, I realized there is more behind this simple

joke than designing a fun beer. We use these phrases often to talk about another glass of alcohol, which makes that extra glass seem like an innocent thing. 


Because we normalize these sayings in our culture, we also normalize every extra glass. 



To make people conscious about their alcohol consumption (especially the “’innocent’'  'just one for' glasses), Eentje shows them what else the extra

glass is for. Think about irregular sugar levels, changes in sexual function, cancer, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, digestive problems and mental health conditions.



I chose to keep the style lighthearted, like it could be a regular craft beer

from a trendy brewery. And of course the duck becomes the symbol of the harming, but oh so innocent extra glass. 

eentje mock achter V2.png
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