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Wat eten we vandaag?

• Kinderkunstlab ITGWO 2023 •


Into the Great Wide Open is known for its unique context in the middle of nature on the beautiful island Vlieland. The festival is an experience consisting of music, visual arts, film, children's activities, sustainability and everything in between. This project, 'Wat eten we vandaag?', was part of the 'lab' in which children are stimulated to explore by using creativity. 


In today’s world, food is a well-discussed topic. Adults talk a lot about what to eat, but children are never included in this conversation. When changing food habits for a more sustainable future , our views on food  need to change. 


We should highlight the power of children’s imagination when creating our future food. 



That’s why children are introduced to a kitchen as a lab. They are the scientists and their creativity is essential for their future. We invite them to take an apron and start cooking up their most creative, inventive or tasty dishes. The ones they think (or hope) we will eat in a hundred years from now. Whatever they visualize could become reality and that's exactly how their ideas are treated in this kitchen.


Did you know plates are one of the most trown away objects in second hand stores? That's why we gave them a new purpose by letting children visualize their ideas on real plates. Afterwards, they proudly served their future dishes to their parents and other visitors. 


To give visitors a little nudge I designed posters to hang around the festival. I only used text to minimize influence of existing imagery. 

Poster pannekoek-12.png
Poster witlof duim-15.png
Poster 3d pizza-06.png
Poster gras-08.png
Poster milk shake-11.png
Poster itgwo mock.png
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